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Immersion equips ArcelorMittal’s first Digital Lab

Immersion has been equiping ArcelorMittal with virtual reality solutions since 2019.

Crédits photos : Immersion / ArcelorMittal

Last July 6th, ArcelorMittal opened its first Digital Lab in Dunkirk, in the north of France. The company collaborated with Immersion, European leader in 3D technologies for the industry. This Digital Lab is a space that participates in the digital transformation of ArcelorMittal. Several virtual and augmented reality solutions have been installed for the employees.

An example of the industry’s digital acceleration

For several years now, virtual reality has conquered the world of industry. Saving time and money, increasing productivity, reducing errors, making maintenance easier and faster, limiting travel… The advantages are numerous. Many companies are currently undergoing a digital transformation. This is the case of ArcelorMittal, which has opened its first Digital Lab, near its steel production site.

The ArcelotMittal Digital Lab is 2,700m² of space with a coworking center, a training center for employees, and a tool for organizing conferences and events. The opening is scheduled for September 2021. In this Digital Lab, tactile and collaborative solutions as well as immersive and virtual reality rooms have been installed. All these products have been provided by Immersion, expert in virtual and augmented reality and collaborative solutions since 1994.

Immersion: an expert collaborator in virtual reality

Based in Bordeaux, Immersion is one of the first major virtual reality players in France and in Europe. The company develops tailor-made virtual reality solutions. It also supports companies in the industrial sector in their digital transformation. Before the creation of the Digital Lab, Immersion had already collaborated with ArcelorMittal in the field of immersive technologies, and more particularly of mixed reality. Together, the two companies had thought and worked on the digitalization of an industrial process (the quality control of coils) “to gain time, efficiency but also to improve the working conditions of operators and quality engineers.

Accompanying an internationally renowned manufacturer in its digital transformation thanks to our expertise in virtual reality, augmented reality and collaborative solutions is always a great success for Immersion and its teams.

Christophe Chartier, CEO of Immersion

Immersion and ArcelorMittal have worked together on other projects:

  • the final quality control in augmented reality before shipping to the customer with a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset,
  • an application for performing remote maintenance operations using Microsoft’s Remote Assist tool,
  • the implementation of immersive virtual reality rooms to better inform and understand the professions and work tools of tomorrow.
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