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Laval Virtual Festival: 9 days of virtual reality for the general public

The Laval Virtual Festival: general public days on 3-11 July at Laval (Mayenne, France)

The Laval Virtual Festival, for General Public, from 3rd to 11th July in Laval (Mayenne, France).

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In parallel with its professional exhibition, Laval Virtual organizes days for the general public. Traditionally, private individuals have come to test virtual reality experiences over two days, during the weekend. This year, the public days are changing and adopting a longer format to become the Laval Virtual Festival.

A new longer and more complete format

The Laval Virtual consumer days are changing! Previously lasting two days, this year they will take place from 3rd to 11th July 2021. On the programme, 9 days to discover all the aspects of virtual and augmented reality. More than 70 events are planned throughout the city of Laval (Mayenne, France). The Laval Virtual Festival will take place at 24 venues in the city centre and in the suburbs.

The aim of the Laval Virtual association is to promote virtual reality. With this new format, we hope to inform the general public about the use of immersive technologies,” explains Stéphanie Poupard, Head of Events Production at Laval Virtual. In order to provide an insight into virtual reality, the Laval Virtual Festival will address six themes: gaming, children, professional uses, research, schools & training and art & culture.

70+ virtual reality activities

For 9 days, technology enthusiasts and simply curious people will be able to try out more than 70 virtual reality animations. There is plenty for everyone and for all ages: VR karaoke, VR cinema, augmented reality drawings, interactive frescoes… The Laval Virtual Festival is aimed at students, children, entrepreneurs, gamers, families and many others.

Among the key events, the Festival by Laval Virtual offers an introduction to Hado. Hado is a sport created in Japan that is similar to dodgeball in augmented reality. With a headset on, you have to try to avoid energy balls thanks to a virtual shield. Training sessions are planned to allow visitors to learn the sport. The grand final of the tournament takes place on Wednesday 7th July at SCOMAM.

The Laval Virtual Festival will launch the festivities of the 23rd edition of the annual VR/AR exhibition. From Saturday, July 3, several animations will be to discover. On 10 and 11 July, several exhibitors will be at Espace Mayenne to present their experiences. Registration to the Festival by Laval Virtual is free! 

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