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The big winners of the Laval Virtual 2020

On Wednesday, April 22nd 2020, following a call for projects that brought together nearly 320 candidates, the Laval Virtual Awards were awarded. Among the 16 nominees, 6 were awarded prizes by a jury of international experts at the Awards ceremony… organized for the first time in virtual form in “Laval Virtual World”. Among the winners: as many innovative and original projects.

Laval Virtual is a leading international exhibition in the fields of virtual reality and augmented reality. It has rewarded solutions that contribute to solving industrial and human problems in six main categories: VR/AR for productivity, VR/AR for Learning and Training, VR/AR for Safety and improvement of Work Environment, VR/AR for Marketing & Sales, VR/AR for Data Visualization & Decision-Making, et VR/AR for a cause.

VR/AR for Productivity – FIFTHINGENIUM, Braind 4.0

In an increasingly compex environment, today’s factory worker has become a knowledge worker who needs real time access to relevant information. BRAIND4.0 is a response to the demands to make this worker more productive by increasing efficiency, reducing variability, and cutting downtime.

VR/AR for Learning & Training – VIRTUOSE REALITY STUDIO, AFT-SNCF VR Training

AFT-SNCF: Railway Crossing Training is a training software on Oculus Quest allowing heavy truck drivers to manage the risks associated with railroad crossings. Created in partnership with the SNCF (French National Railway Company) and the AFT (Association for the development of Transport and logistics vocational Training), this experience offers 6 different scenarios staging situations that cause frequent accidents in France. The Oculus Quest is a latest generation autonomous helmet facilitating the use of different VR training scenarios. The objectives are: learn in virtual real-world conditions, acquire the right reflexes when faced with an emergency situation, identify the steps to adopt, increase the speed of decision-making, save lives.

VR/AR for Safety & Improvement of Work Environment – UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO / SONY CSL, Demonstrating Preemptive Reaction

Pre-emptive force feedback system for accelerating human reaction time without fully compromising the user’s sense of agility. This improvement has been tested and can be seen in two examples: taking a picture of an object moving at high speed in mid-air and hitting a baseball with a toy. With this pre-emption system, users are able to experience the exact time to take a photo, while still feeling its sense of timing.

VR/AR for Marketing & Sales – NUDGE AR

Nudge is an AR marketing automation platform for experience-based businesses. It allows brands to create, share and optimize AR campaigns. The solution is a SaaS platform that enables the development of AR marketing activities through social, mobile and e-commerce.

VR/AR Data Visualization & Decision-Making – CLARTE, Semantic See-Through

Semantic See-Through addresses the issue of user visualization in a virtual reality experience. The system presented here uses a seamless approach to video combined with deep learning techniques to integrate the body of the user and other participants, transforming the experience into an augmented reality experience. Seeing the user’s body in such simulations could improve the sense of individual and social presence in the virtual environment, as well as the user’s performance.

VR/AR for a Cause – THE PARALLEL, Inveion

Cerebral palsy affects about 3 out of every 1,000 children. Inveion is a software platform for immersive rehabilitation for people with disabilities. By applying a special algorithm, this triggers the motor neurons to help correct the gestures of the patients. Inveion’s early clinical trials, showed a clear improved movement of members, socialization and activity children’s schooling. The solution is applicable for the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, brain damage traumatic, and many others.

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